What's Johnny Thinking of Now?

My names Johnny, i just recently turned 20, i was born on September 2nd (VIRGO Baby!!) I love music, goofing around, girls and playin video games. Any thing else you want to know you gotta ask. If you would be so kind give me some artists/bands etc. to listen to that is all carry on with your life. Ps, if you have a ps3 and want to game with me add me "xXIceman149Xx", if u want to msg me feel free to add me on kik "xXFrosty_KiddXx" any other stuff just msg me.

Created August 2012-


If you think Iโ€™m funny now just wait til you see me drunk.

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Last scenes from the LOTR Trilogy.

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Sleep doesnโ€™t relieve my exhaustion anymore.
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